Taida is able to offer assemble, and perform secondary operations as below to help shorten the supply chain, provide turnkey manufacturing, and reduce lead times and overall cost.
in-house clean room assembly lines
heat staking
Utrasonic welding
automatic glue dispensing
waterproof test
custom jigs and fixture

Lancing Device Assembly

* Medical Spe

* Surface: Logo Printing

* Automatic Single Injection

* Assembly Parts

* Plastic Raw Material: ABS、PC、POM

Walkie-Talkie Assembly

* Radio for military or police purpose

* Waterproof IP67

* Surface: logo printing

* Lens with Anti-Reflection and Anti-scratch process

* Plastic single injection

* Assembly: Heat staking insert,
          Electrical test,Ultrasonic welding, IP test

* Plastic Raw Material: PC+ABS、PC

Air-Freshner Assembly

* Idea of design from Burj Al Arab in Dubai

* Surface: Spray paint、Logo Printing

* Plastic Single Injection

* Heat staking insert、Assembly

* Plastic Raw Material: ABS、POM、PC+PBT、PP+30%Talc

Handcarry Cashless Payment Assembly

* Industrial Spec

* Single Injection, Double Injection

* Heat Staking Insert、Gluing、Assembly

* Plastic Raw Material for single injection:

* Plastic Raw Material for Double Injection: ABS、PC

Industrial PC Assembly

* Industrial Spc

* Waterproof IP56

* Surface: Logo Printing

* Single Injection, Double Injection Parts

* Heat Staking Insert、Gluing Process、Assembly

* Plastic Raw Material for Single Injection: PC+ABS、PMMA

* Plastic Raw Material for Double Injection: PC+ABS、TPU